Early Career & Senior Professionals Mentoring Events

Events designed for informal interactions between professionals of all ages who wish to mentor and be mentored. Qualifies for Professional Accreditation

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Meredith Alder

Meredith Alder

Executive Director, Student Energy


Young people will be the ones who shape our sustainable future. Now is the time to activate youth innovation by equipping them with the skills necessary to deliver on the solutions we need.

Ed Whittingham

Ed Whittingham


Former Executive Director, Pembina Institute

In its pursuit of knowledge and learning, the Academy for Sustainable Innovation will leverage the best of existing practices in business, government, civil society, and academia to support and mentor individual managers and future leaders.

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Our Mission

  1. Recognizing the urgency of achieving an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 — and the opportunities this creates for scaling innovation, acting as an advocate for our movement, and its future impact.

  2. Supporting the development of a profession of managers and entrepreneurs committed to transition. We are aiming to qualify and accredit a minimum of 100,000 transition managers within 15 years.

  3. Supporting the development of role models and mentoring capacity at all levels – including ‘reverse mentoring’ – and providing for digital matchmaking of those joining the movement.

  4. Creating new educational pathways of accessible and flexible learning in transition-related topics by sharing existing educational opportunities.

  5. Developing new educational opportunities that transcend disciplinary and institutional barriers and leverage new course formats, online and open access resources, conferences, and co-labs.

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