ASI International


Strategy, Research and Execution Advisory Services

ASI Advisory Services: created to develop the human capacity and deliver an international low carbon and socially just economy.

About ASI International

ASI International brings together the expertise of consultants with deep experience across policy, management, science and technology, and international development disciplines. We build partnerships to support private, public, and non-governmental organizations pursuing transition strategies toward sustainability.

Parter with us to:

  • Strategize sustainable programming and policy solutions
  • Develop research and engagement-driven solutions to build human capacity
  • Execute strategies and solutions at all organizational levels

Our team includes:

  • Dr. David Wheeler, internationally experienced academic leader and businessperson
  • Ed Whittingham, climate change, energy policy and corporate sustainability expert
    Gordon Lambert, pioneering sustainable business executive
  • Rachel Shin, multidisciplinary sustainability and stakeholder engagement profession

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