Breakthrough Leadership for Transition

October 20 - 23, 2019
Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

Breakthrough Leadership for Transition

October 20 - 23, 2019
Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity


A three day leadership development seminar for mid-senior level executives dedicated to accelerating Canada’s transition to a low carbon, socially just economy.

Are you ready to turn complexity and disruption into competitive advantage?


Canada’s transition to a circular, climate positive economy depends on courageous leaders from business, government and civil society.

New competencies and innovative models of leadership are needed to solve the world’s biggest transition issues – climate change, resource depletion, social and ecological justice, technology and artificial intelligence. The new mindset expands our focus from reducing emissions to reversal; from mitigation and adaptation to climate optimism and action.

Breakthrough Leadership shifts thinking from a climate crisis narrative to a climate positive, solutions-focused mental model of transformation, innovation and competitiveness.

You’re invited to learn with some of the world’s top transition experts at Breakthrough Leadership for Transition, an exclusive, 3-day immersive program limited to 50 future-ready leaders.

At Breakthrough Leadership for Transition, you’ll access knowledge, tools and coaching to navigate Canada’s most pressing transition issues and position your organization to help lead transition.

Participants will apply both an organizational development and personal leadership lens as they explore the drivers of transition, along with opportunities to innovate and build competitiveness.


Issues, constraints, opportunities, drivers

Gain understanding of the broader landscape for sustainable, systems level transitions and global impacts. With expert teachers and speakers, explore transition from a range of diverse perspectives: science, technology, policy, market and economy, social and cultural. Establish learning teams and begin to explore the principles of Breakthrough Leadership for Transition.


Strategies and solutions

Learn how to best create the conditions for meaningful organizational level transition. Extract strategic insight and identify solutions from thoughtful facilitators, coaches, workshops and case studies. Learning teams identify opportunities for transforming sustainability challenges into competitive advantage for their organizations.


Roadmap for success

While part of the day will be dedicated to understanding the financial implications for transition, most of Day 3 will focus on personal leadership development and action planning. Synthesize, connect the dots and plan next steps: Create your own personal breakthrough leadership narrative that connects organizational strategy to external contexts such as climate change, technological change, political instability, and other drivers of disruption.

“Be courageous and loud”
Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Leadership through Transition

What you can expect:

  • To develop a personal ‘leadership narrative’ that connects organisational strategy to external contexts and drivers of disruption
  • To create deeper connections to like-minded business, government and civil society leaders
  • To gain direct insights from international thought leaders via presentations, case studies and personal networking
  • To learn and practice the use of compelling mental models to support the development of organisational strategy in a world of innovation and disruption
  • To enhance confidence to bridge the ‘big picture’ with immediate relevance at all organzational levels
  • To enhance leadership skills including communication, team building and performance management

Space is limited so enrol today.

We’ll notify you when registration opens in spring 2019.