We start the year by saying welcome to two new amazing people at ASI – Shanice and Anamika.

Our Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition research project is now in high gear – we have finalized our literature review and started interviews. Read more about the research below.
In March, our Collaborative Leadership for Climate Action course starts and we are excited to welcome the new cohort.
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Update: Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition

With the release of Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy following COP27 in 2022, and public policy focused on net-zero strategies, the need for capacity-building to advance climate action leadership and related job skills has become critical to workforce development in every sector across Canada. There is an urgent need for workforce upskilling to address the growing impacts of climate change and to accelerate an economic transition towards a low-carbon, socially-inclusive society.

How can upskilling improve climate action in your industry?

The Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition research project by the Academy for Sustainable Innovation and the Resilience by Design Lab, in partnership with the Future Skills Centre, is exploring the skills and competencies needed to support workforce development for Canada’s net-zero economic transition. 

Connect with us today to learn more about our research project and participate in (or broadcast) our forthcoming survey.

Meet the team!

Meet the masterminds behind the Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition research project. Through this partnership, the Academy for Sustainable Innovation and the Resilience by Design Lab united their best people to learn more about how to support workforce development for climate action in Canada.

Top priorities for sustainability practitioners in 2023

While sustainability practitioners lead the way to help reach Canada’s net-zero commitments, we believe that they also hold some of the most impactful yet demanding roles at an organization. Their contributions are diverse and meaningful. So, we asked them a single question: What would help you have more impact in your work as a Sustainability Practitioner?

We’ve summarized these survey results and now share some initial actions that ASI will take in 2023 to support these individuals.

Learn about ASI’s new course

Welcome Shanice and Anamika

Last month we welcomed Anamika Mukherjee and Shanice Nkathazo to the ASI team. We are thrilled to have Anamika as our newest Board Member and Shanice as our Business Operations Specialist, in her Co-op term. 

Anamika is a recognized decarbonization and energy transition thought leader in Canada and a Partner at BDC Capital’s Industrial Clean Energy Technology Fund. In 2018, she received two Deputy Minister’s Awards from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for her outstanding contribution to the Economic Strategy Tables. You can read Anamika’s full bio here.

Shanice is a 4th year student at the University of Victoria, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She is a firm believer in the value creation generated from sustainable practice, and the importance of enticing change to lay down the groundwork for a sustainable progression for future generations. You can read Shanice’s full bio here.

The ASI team welcomes Anamika and Shanice! We are excited to have them both join our organization!

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