Perspectives In Transition Leadership

Developing mindsets and practices for leading the future we want.

Developing mindsets and practices for leading the future we want.

Course Overview

Welcome to Perspectives in Transition Leadership, an online course dedicated to exploring the leadership challenges and opportunities emerging at the intersection of climate destabilization and pervasive social inequities.

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Our Approach

Our vision is to create the learning conditions for leaders to emerge with:

  • A clearer sense of purpose and vision for their leadership role
  • New connections and access to a supportive learning community
  • New leadership insights and expanded systems sight
  • Familiarity with resilience

Course Journey

The course is intended to be highly participatory. This isn’t a passive experience – to get the most out of the course, we strongly recommend that you plan to engage with fellow learners and practice the exercises and techniques outside of the sessions. We suggest planning for approximately 3-5 hours of work per week, including time to prepare for and participate in weekly sessions, watch videos and read articles, complete assignments, and engage in discussion and reflection.

Learning Intentions

  • Consider new conceptualizations of leadership for sustainability transitions
  • Explore the importance of learning as an act of leadership and practice the processes of transformative learning and social learning
  • Reflect on the role of power
  • Study examples of transformative leadership
  • Explore the role of business in transitions and organizational transitions within business
  • Gain new insight and be part of a learning community
  • Experiment with and practice transition leadership competencies – e.g., expanding “system sight,” cultivating resilience, and fostering “communityship”

Is This Course Right for You?

This course is open to all leaders at any stage of their career journey. Participants grappling with questions and challenges at the intersection of climate change and social justice will benefit the most from this course.

Participants are committed to :

  • Evolving their leadership practices and perspectives in the context
    of Canada’s transition to a low-carbon, socially-inclusive economy
  • Making time for reflection
  • Having a genuine desire to learn from and with others
  • Being curious and open to diverse perspectives
  • Co-creating a mutually supportive learning environment

The huge scale of environmental and social challenges facing Canada means that young professionals will need to acquire new knowledge and new skills if the country is to transition effectively to a low-carbon economy. Working with diverse partners across business, government, civil society, and post secondary education, the Academy for Sustainable Innovation aims to promote and develop pathways that will answer those needs.

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