ASI Masterclass in Transition Leadership

A one-week introduction and exploration of the concept and implications of ‘transition’ to a low carbon, socially equitable economy.  

Watch ASI Masterclass in Transition Leadership Presentations

Dr Peter Victor: Innovations in Economics, Systems Modelling and Scenarios
Sandra Odendahl: Tackling the Climate Crisis
Adeline Murthy: One Planet Prosperity

ASI Masterclass is a One Week (5 Day) Course

Students will:

  • Discover and debate the political, economic, social, technological, legal and ecological drivers for transition.
  • Consider the implications of those unfolding drivers for social/community systems, financial/capital systems, energy systems, transportation systems, food systems, water systems and urban/infrastructure systems in Canada and around the world.
  • Learn basic principles of strategy and design, and explore approaches to effective leadership and cooperation across sectors: public, private and civil society.
  • Examine the importance of an inter-disciplinary and entrepreneurial mindset to addressing challenges and enhancing value through sustainable innovation.

Develop knowledge and experience of:

  • Applying systems thinking, design thinking and principles of social innovation within the constraints of a ‘one planet’ reality.
  • Applying drivers of the world’s transition to a low carbon economy to real organizations in different social realms — turning complex challenges to opportunity in public, private and civil society/community organizations and social enterprises.
  • Developing mindsets and personal skills needed to lead organizations pursuing transition through new forms of value creation.
  • Organizational strategy and product design for transition in different systems: social, financial, energy, transportation, food, water and urban/infrastructure.

What students have to say about the Transitions Masterclass …

Class Experience (in person or online):

  • Program will run like a typical intensive class – ten sessions of approximately 3.5 hours spread over five days
  • Each 3.5-hour session will include some or all of the following: Consideration of readings and the broader literature and/or contemporary developments featured in the media in recent days; Lecture/guest lecture; Video commentaries; Case studies; Group work.
  • In-class assignments and presentations; no examination or formal course work assumed in the class.
  • Students wishing to turn the class into university or college credit are advised to seek a personal academic advisor for participation, deliverable and grading requirements.
  • Students attending at least nine sessions will receive a certificate of attendance which may count towards professional certifications.

Congratulations to Masterclass Graduates!

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 

York University, Toronto, Canada (ENVS 5150)
Imperial College, London, England


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One-Minute Transition Tips 

Cara Clairman: Electric Vehicles – More than Transportation
Founder of Hop Compost Kevin Davies: Closing the Loop
CSR Expert John Elkington: Key skills for times of transition
Lynda Kuhn, Maple Leaf Center for Action: Food Security
Melissa Peneycad: Drivers of Transition
Sandra Odendahl: The challenge of capitalizing clean tech
CSR Strategist Nadine Gudz: Value of Collaboration
Hatch CEO John Bianchini: Culture for Transition
Micheal Crothers, President and Country Chair, Shell Canada
Globescan CEO Chris Coulter: Leadership in an Ambiguous World