Upskilling for Canada’s
Climate Transition

The Academy for Sustainable Innovation (ASI) and the Resilience by Design Lab (RbD Lab) in partnership with the Future Skills Centre, have launched the ‘Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition’ research project, funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program. This project aims to identify the steps needed to upskill the workforce in order to support Canada’s climate transition plan. 

This research partnership will explore the following: 

  • A prototype framework that brings skills, competencies and job specifications together to support climate action at a national level.

  • A roadmap for a collaborative pan-Canadian alliance of organizations focused on delivering competency-informed training programs and micro-credentials for climate action as part of Canada’s sustainable transition.

Capacity-building for advancing climate-related leadership has become a critical workforce development requirement for both individuals and employers in every sector across Canada. There is an urgent need for workforce upskilling to effectively address the growing impacts and risks of climate change, and to accelerate an economic transition towards a low-carbon society.

This research project aims to identify:

The skills and competencies required for leaders to take climate action within a variety of vocational pathways.

Opportunities for Canadian organizations to collaborate on skills development to support climate action leadership.

Programs, including micro-credentials, resources, and training opportunities that provide rapid upskilling for climate action.

The outcome of this research will provide an accelerated approach to pan-Canadian climate action leadership upskilling, with recommendations and a roadmap for the establishment of a national learning ecosystem.

Reach out if you’d like to be engaged in this research project. Our team will be soon setting up interviews and surveys with individuals from diverse sectors, including:

  • Academia, Leadership
  • AgriFood Sector
  • Banks, Finance, Impact Investment, Consulting Firms
  • Employers, Labour Representatives, Professionals
  • Engineering, Construction Industry
  • Government, Municipalities
  • Telecommunications, Infrastructure (oil, gas, hydro)

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