Online and in-person courses focused on developing Transition Leadership competencies. ASI offers course development, design, and instruction to academic and non-academic partners.

A peer network for sustainability professionals who want to be part of a community of practitioners working to accelerate climate action within their organizations.

Workshops, facilitation, eLearning modules, and other customized support to help gain clarity and alignment with your stakeholders.

Research focused on Transition Leadership and climate action workforce development.

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The Climate Crisis is a Crisis of Leadership

At it’s core, the climate crisis represents a failure of leadership. Outdated leadership models, characterized by short-term thinking, narrow focus on profit, and resistance to change, have contributed to the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Needless to say, outdated leadership models no longer serves us or the planet.

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New Leadership for a Sustainable Future

ASI is a Canadian charity that firmly believes the transition to a sustainable future requires new forms of leadership

Our Transition Leadership programs offer education and training to help organizations and individuals move away from outdated models of leadership. We are here to help build your leadership capacity to advance your sustainability work.

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Transition Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs transform how we perceive and practice leadership in response to climate change.


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