Online and in-person courses focused on developing Transition Leadership competencies. ASI offers course development, design, and instruction to academic and non-academic partners.

A peer network for sustainability professionals who want to be part of a community of practitioners working to accelerate climate action within their organizations.

Workshops, facilitation, eLearning modules, and other customized support to help gain clarity and alignment with your stakeholders.

Research focused on Transition Leadership and climate action workforce development.

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Custom Engagements

Your organization has made big commitments. We can help you get there.

Forward-thinking organizations want to integrate sustainable business practices across all operations, decision-making, and long-term strategies.

However, aligning the interests of employees and stakeholders can be challenging, time consuming, and resource intensive.

ASI works with our partners and clients to offer custom support to help you achieve clarity and alignment with your team, department, organization, or community. It’s one thing to understand climate science and raise ambitions with bold targets toward net zero emissions. It’s quite another to take climate action with stakeholders who are juggling competing priorities.

Our Offerings

ASI’s custom engagements offer support to organizations that are interested in leading and working differently in the face of climate challenges.

Our offerings include online and in-person workshops, expert facilitation, engaging eLearning solutions, and other customized support to help you achieve clarity and alignment with your stakeholders.


For Organizations, Conferences, & Events

ASI designs and delivers online and in-person workshops. Themes and topics vary depending on needs, however, our most popular workshops include:
Stakeholder Alignment

In-Person & Online

1 - 2 Hours

This workshop aims to bridge the gap between employee aspirations for climate action and organizational support for sustainable business transformation. Through active collaboration, stakeholders will work to build alignment and identify the gap between current organizational practices and the desired sustainability goals for a company, community, or initiative. By identifying opportunities, obstacles, and fostering alignment, participants will lay the groundwork for effective transformation.

In-Person & Online

1 - 2 Hours

This model offers a powerful framework for comprehending and influencing complex systems. This workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to identify key actors, roles, and dynamics within changing systems, fostering empathy and collaboration for effective climate action initiatives.

In-Person & Online

1 - 2 Hours (Overview) or 4-6 Hours (In-Depth)

This workshop explores the essential Transition Leadership competencies needed to address climate challenges. Participants will explore personal and organizational strengths and areas for growth in the context of these competencies.

In-Person & Online

1 - 2 Hours

Option: Combine with Equity-Centered Design for a full day workshop

Getting creative and moving out of our typical thought patterns can be challenging. This workshop helps to enhance creativity by engaging participants in a series of fun and interactive brainstorming activities. By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned new techniques for generating creative ideas and approaches that they can apply to various aspects of their personal and professional lives.

In-Person & Online

1 - 2 Hours

Option: Combine with Creative Brainstorming for a full day workshop

This workshop guides participants to cultivate an understanding of the benefits of adopting an equity-centered design approach in the workplace. Participants will explore key concepts, methodologies, and practical applications to enhance empathy, inclusivity, and innovation within their organizational contexts.

In-Person & Online

1 Hour

This workshop offers a framework for evaluating the impacts of our products and services throughout their life cycle. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a high-level assessment and leverage its outcomes to steward sustainable decision-making.


For Organizations

ASI develops customized eLearning solutions tailored to the specific needs of organizations looking to offer education and training to increase awareness of climate-related issues among their employees and stakeholders.

eLearning for organizations often cover topics such as climate science basics (climate and/or sustainability literacy), climate change trends impacting the organization or sector, organizational commitments to climate or sustainability, and how employees or other stakeholders can take action within their roles.


For Organizations, Conferences, & Events

To support organizational and sectoral change processes, sometimes what is needed most is facilitated dialogues or planning sessions with key stakeholders.

ASI draws on our many years of experience with designing engagement processes, hosting, facilitation, and innovation labs to co-develop a process to help you effectively navigate change.

Partner Examples

Discover the types of custom engagements we've undertaken for other organizations!

Cement Association of Canada (CAC)

eLearning & Workshop

ASI partnered with the Cement Association of Canada in their journey to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our work included the development of an eLearning solution and stakeholder alignment workshop to inform next steps within a broader, multi-year engagement process for the industry.

BC Housing

Facilitation Services, Workshops, Public Roundtables & eLearning

ASI has hosted a number of planning retreats and crafted annual plans for the Livegreen Council, led numerous strategic planning workshops, supported the writing of a Sustainability & Resilience Strategy, and facilitated public roundtables for capacity building and networking in the building sector. ASI and BC Housing are currently developing a “Sustainability & Resiliency 101” eLearning course to be made available to all employees.

Simon Fraser University


The ASI team has hosted several workshops including “Equity-Centered Design for the Workplace” and “Creativity & Innovation for the Workplace” to a number of internal teams and groups.

Technical Safety BC

Peer Scan, Workshops & eLearning

ASI completed a climate action peer scan with a recommendations report, workshops for the climate action and sustainability team, and a workshop with internal climate and sustainability champions.

ASI and TSBC are now collaborating to build an eLearning course to be made available to all employees to help develop both understanding and action towards climate-informed decision-making.

Youth Climate Lab


ASI hosted a workshop on Creative Ideation for the Youth Climate Lab’s RAD Cohort.

In it, we explored a process for better brainstorming, to help build innovative solutions for local projects that help move us toward the SDGs.

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We offer tailored facilitation, workshops, and eLearning solutions to support your team’s sustainability work.

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