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New ways of doing and thinking are needed to lead teams through the individual, collective, and systems level challenges associated with transition.

Attendees at Transition Leadership workshop

Leaders across all sectors face an unprecedented scale of interconnected crises. They are being called upon to respond, to act, to step up in extraordinary ways, and steer the transition to a sustainable, equitable economy.

What they are experiencing is that sustainability transitions are hard. Messy. Complex. 

It is one thing to understand climate science and raise ambitions with bold targets. It’s quite another to mobilize diverse stakeholders with competing interests, in equitable and inclusive ways.

Working with ASI

For organizations who are looking for new approaches and solutions we offer tailored facilitation and engagements to support your team.

The ASI team will work with you to understand your most pressing needs, and will custom design a facilitated journey to help you and your chosen stakeholders with alignment, buy-in, opportunity analysis, collaboration, and innovation.

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Attendees at Transition Leadership workshop
The process is designed to generate essential insights and experiment with different leadership mindsets and practices.

Programming may be delivered in various durations and formats. It often involves some pre-work (surveying key personnel), designing and hosting the engagement(s), and providing follow-up summaries as desired. Our approach tends to centre dialogue, creativity, and relationship-building. We can work with both internal and external stakeholders as needed.

Contact us to explore custom engagements for your organization.

Like many organizations, the pandemic has disrupted our ways of working at Capital Power. We felt we needed more than employee surveys to address key culture and leadership questions and partnered with ASI to convene a dialogue with senior leaders. 

With its focus on structured facilitation and peer to peer learning, the process allowed for new ideas to emerge, opportunities for action, relationship building and reconnecting so needed during these uncertain times.

Jacquie Pylypiuk

SVP, People, Culture and Technology, Capital Power

What Leadership Questions Are You Exploring?

Our custom engagement experiences help organizations from across a range of sectors make progress on transition pathways, address implications for strategy, and enhance collaboration to further their positive impact. 

Reported benefits include:

  • Improved team cohesion
  • Collective sense-making
  • Alignment regarding goals, strategies, and action plans
  • Identification of key opportunities and barriers
  • Tangible next steps in the transition

A customized process also leads to:

  • Enhanced capacity from experienced facilitation and organizational change professionals
  • A neutral third-party to host and work through challenging conversations
  • An opportunity to design a process that works for your orgnization – on your schedule and with your specific stakeholders

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