Sustainability Professionals Members Network

Meet other sustainability professionals across Canada to learn from and collaborate with on meaningful organizational change.

Learn about, practice, share and develop your transition leadership capacities with other sustainability professionals as you lead organizational change efforts towards a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future in Canada.

Join ASI’s Sustainability Professionals Members Network to:

Foster collaboration across sectors and career stages

Share resources and opportunities among peers

Enhance sustainability leadership-focused skill sets

Learn promising practices for enacting sustainable change

Build community around climate action

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ASI’s Sustainability Professionals Members Network fills the need for a dedicated space for sustainability professionals to find support to lead their organizations through the transition towards a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future. 

ASI’s Members Network provides a unique focus on building leadership skills and capacities. We are cultivating a shared space where professionals leading efforts in climate action and sustainability can come together to…

  • Build supportive relationships and collaborations to exchange knowledge, lessons, and stories to inspire and strengthen your personal resilience in sustainability work

  • Discover diverse perspectives, roles, and lived experiences that help us develop creative, holistic solutions to address complex, intersecting challenges

  • Share promising organizational change management practices so that we don’t have to build our sustainability solutions from scratch

Join our ASI Members Network today and become part of a diverse community of sustainability professionals across Canada, collaborating to support the transition to a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future.

“We cannot, we must not, go it alone. To focus only on what we can do as individuals, instead of what we can do together, will mean failure…

Indeed, building community around solutions is the most important thing.”

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K. Wilkinson

All We Can Save

Member Benefits

Get access to cross-sectoral, multi-generational, pan-Canadian networking aimed at advancing sustainability and climate change solutions.


  • Networking & knowledge sharing events hosted by ASI
  • Member directory
  • Online discussion platform
  • Early or expanded access to curated resources
  • Potential opportunities to contribute to ASI research
  • And more!

Member Fees

ASI strives to build and host inclusive spaces to ensure individuals who want to participate are given the chance to do so. 

The Members Network offers an affordable, annual paid membership for individuals working in Sustainability, Climate Action, Transition, and related fields.

Annual Membership Pricing


You have no access to professional development budgets and limited personal funds. 


You have very limited access to professional development budgets and limited personal funds.


You have limited or inconsistent access to professional development and/or personal funds.


You have access to sufficient professional development budgets and/or personal funds.


You have abundant access to professional development budgets or funds to support your membership, and wish to invest that in the development of the network.

*Where minimum membership fees are a barrier to entry, ASI offers scholarships by application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and offered as sponsorship is available. Apply here.

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