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ASI’s Members Network

For Canadian Sustainability Professionals

We can’t lead climate action alone. Join this peer network to build our capacity to lead change, together.

The Members Network is for Canadian sustainability professionals who want to accelerate climate action within their organizations.

Supporting Leaders to Steward Climate Action

We’ll be talking about how to lead sustainable change through transferable, non-technical skills related to:

Alignment & Buy-In

Aligning the interests of stakeholders and securing their commitment to guide efforts related to climate action and sustainability.

Change Management

Navigating change, guiding teams through transformations, overcoming resistance, and creating an environment that welcomes and implements climate-conscious initiatives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Connecting climate work with DEI, and recognizing the intersectionality of environmental issues and social justice to ensure equitable climate solutions for all.


Fostering collaborative partnerships, both internal and external, to maximize collective impact in addressing climate challenges.

Resilience & Wellbeing

Addressing burnout, eco-anxiety, and fostering mental well-being by creating supportive environments and advocating for balanced work practices to sustain effective climate action.

Education & Empowerment

Empowering others to become advocates for climate action through meaningful engagement practices and skill building.

Building Transition Leadership Capacity

The transition to a sustainable future isn’t just about technological solutions; it’s also about the people who are leading it. Building our leadership capacity becomes incredibly important to cultivate the mindset, skills, and vision to mobilize collective climate action.

Our network is a place where members can talk candidly about changing organizational dynamics and discover new leadership approaches that prioritize both people and the planet.

Why Join?

Sustainability professionals hold some of the most challenging roles trying to steer their organizations toward a climate-positive future. ​Our work is undeniably tough, often leaving us feeling isolated, lonely, and burnt out with few spaces to go to discuss the difficulties we face both in our professional and personal lives.

Our network aims to be a supportive and generative space for collective learning, sharing, and development to help you work through Transition Leadership challenges with peers who get it.

Member Benefits

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Access a national peer network across sectors and organizations to engage, share experiences, and seek advice on leading climate action within your organization.

Events & Networking

Participate in events, workshops, and networking to deepen our collective understanding of Transition Leadership practices for a sustainable future.

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Member Spotlights

Highlight your experience and share your thoughts on leadership and sustainability. Member spotlights are publicly promoted on ASI's marketing channels.

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Accessible Pricing

Enjoy a structure and price point that makes our network more accessible than many other conferences or professional networks.

Slack Workspace

Join a dedicated Slack Workspace for group and 1-1 discussions, resource sharing, announcements, celebrations, and more.

Curated Resources

Gain access to a curated database of articles, podcasts, books, toolkits, worksheets, videos, and more to help incorporate Transition Leadership practices into your work.

Annual Pay-What-You-Can Pricing

Thanks to our generous sponsors and funders, we are able to offer a pay-what-you-can annual membership with equal access across all tiers. Please choose the price that aligns best with your personal situation.

  • $175


    Intended for individuals early in their career or those between jobs, for those working within non-profits or start-ups, or those with minimal access to professional development funding.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizations are invited to sponsor the network. Sponsorship offers increased brand visibility and a set of membership seats for your employees.

Upcoming Member Events

Member Spotlights

Member spotlights offer the opportunity for members to share their insights on how they think leadership is evolving to meet the transition toward a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future. Read their interviews below.

ASI would like to recognize the support of our sponsors

Their generosity enables us to continue our efforts in establishing a network where sustainability professionals can come together, collectively learn, and share ideas related to Transition Leadership.


Foundational Supporters


The Members Network welcomes anyone involved in sustainability and climate action work across all industries and sectors.

Sustainability professionals can wear many hats. Consider joining us if:

  • Your job involves working on sustainability/climate action initiatives, strategies, or projects in any sector or industry; or
  • Your job addresses the interconnectedness of social justice, systems change, and climate change; or
  • Your job involves reporting on ESG or CSR; or
  • Your education or training is related to sustainability or climate action; or
  • You play a role in influencing or making decisions related to sustainability within your organization or community; or
  • You have an interest in Transition Leadership models and leading differently in the face of the climate crisis.


Join the network

Organizations are welcome to sponsor the network. Sponsorship offers brand visibility, thought leadership opportunities, and a set of membership seats for your employees.

Sponsorship Opportunities

No, all tiers receive equal member benefits. ASI strives to build inclusive spaces to ensure individuals who want to participate are given a chance to do so. To reflect this, we have set up pay-what-you-can tiers and encourage you to select the tier that best reflects your personal financial situation.

Join the network

No. This network will talk about transferable, non-technical skills to lead a just and inclusive transition. The ASI team won’t be facilitating formal conversations around technical solutions but members are welcome to connect with one another about these topics.

No, memberships are intended for individual use. If you or your organization would like to purchase 3 or more memberships please contact us for a group rate.

Events take place approximately every month and are currently held virtually (online). As the network grows, the ASI team will explore opportunities for in-person gatherings and events.
No! While attending events can be a fantastic way to engage with our community, network with others, and gain valuable insights, we encourage but don’t require that members attend them. Your time and energy are valuable, and we encourage you to prioritize what aligns best with your goals, energy levels, and schedule.
With authenticity top of mind, we’ve made the decision not to record our events to encourage open and honest conversations. However, for certain events, the slides, presentations, or other related resources, etc. will be available for download following the event.

For ASI, leadership is everywhere. Regardless of your role or position, everyone can influence change. To us, Transition Leadership means using your sphere of influence to shift an organization’s perspective and motivate those around you to rethink what leadership looks like in the face of the climate crisis.

Transition Leaders help others see the value and significance of contributing to a just and sustainable world for all.

View the Transition Leadership competencies that guide ASI’s work.

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