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Climate Action for Non-Profit Leaders

A man and a woman are smiling and looking at a tablet together. The man, wearing glasses, a blazer, and holding a coffee cup, is engaged in the discussion. The woman, donning an orange shirt and with long hair, holds the tablet. They appear to be in a modern office setting discussing nonprofit leadership strategies.

Course Overview

This course is tailored for those working in the non-profit sector. Non-profit leaders will receive an overview of climate change, explore Transition Leadership competencies, and identify practical steps to take climate action within their organization.

Our first iteration of this program was offered in partnership with the Ontario Nonprofit Network. If you are interested in our next offering or would like to discuss modifying this program for your organization please contact us or subscribe below.

Learning Outcomes

A man and woman stand at a table looking over documents and architectural plans. The woman, in a striped shirt, smiles while pointing at a plan, showcasing their nonprofit leadership. The man, in a light blue button-down shirt, leans forward, also smiling. Glasses and pens lie on the table.

Curriculum & Structure


Introduction to Climate Action

  • Gain an overview of the impacts of climate change.
  • Better understand ecological awareness and systems thinking.
  • Unpack the difficulties of having climate conversations.


Transition Leadership

  • Deepen your understanding of Transition Leadership.
  • Explore the role of systems thinking for organizational change.
  • Practice applying a model of systems change to your organization.


A Just Transition

  • Hear and discuss case studies of the implementation of just transition policies and practices.


Taking Action as a Transition Leader

  • Explore regenerative and distributive approaches to running an organization.
  • Deepen your understanding of the challenge, impact, and scale of eco-anxiety and explore practices for well-being.

Learning Hours

This program is 8 learning hours of combined weekly discussions and prep work.

Weekly Discussions
1.5 hours per week

There are a total of 4 live Zoom sessions where all participants are encouraged to attend and engage in the discussion with their peers.


To Be Announced!


To Be Announced!

Weekly Prep Work
30 mins per week

Participants are encouraged to spend about 30 minutes per week on reflection and prep work between sessions.