ASI Report: Leveraging Technology for a Healthy Planet
July 5, 2020

AI, blockchain, big data and smartphone applications promise a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced by their unprecedented speed, scale and precision.

Change-makers across Canada and around the world are already leveraging these emergent technologies for a healthy planet. What do we know about their social and environmental implications? Furthermore, how are funders well positioned to support their social and environmental upsides?

With generous support from the RBC FoundationEnvironment Funders Canada commissioned a new report by ASI Canada. ASI also acknowledges the strategic advice of Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance in the development of this study.

We are pleased to present this work exploring how emerging technologies are already advancing environmental solutions, protecting our planetary systems, monitoring vulnerable species and supporting at-risk communities and the opportunities this presents for philanthropy and investors.

Read the English report / Lire la version française