ASI Network: Dr. Umberto Berardi
June 10, 2020
ASI Masterclass Faculty: Ryerson University, Toronto, 2018

Dr. Berardi is an Associate Professor and the Director of the BeTOP lab and group at Ryerson University in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), and has been nominated as a Canada Research Chair in Building Science for the period 2020-2025.

His main research interests are related to the study of innovative solutions for improving the performance within the built environment.

Dr. Berardi has an extensive publication record, including 100 peer-reviewed journals, 100 international conference papers, and five books. Dr. Berardi’s publications have received over 6000 citations in Google Scholar, where he has an h-index of 34.

Dr. Berardi has a body of funded research comprising over $1.5 M in government and private sector sponsored research. He has been awarded a NSERC RTI, CFI-JELF; NSERC Discovery Grant; Early Research Award from the MRI – Ontario; Building Excellence Research and Education Grants from the BC Housing – Homeowner Protection Office; OCE-VIP projects; and several NSERC Engages. He has conducted private research for insulating companies, including foam industries, and mineral wool ones.  He chairs several international bodies, including being the vice president of the IAQVEC association.  Finally, he is an Expert reviewer for the IPCC Secretariat for Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada of the Government of Canada.

Dr. Umberto Berardi was live on an ASI Network conversation July 9 2020.

Dr. Umberto Berardi joined ASI’s Nicole Doray in conversation about the rising opportunities in higher education and its roll in the transition to a low-carbon, socially-equitable future.

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