Leaders across all sectors face an unprecedented scale of interconnected crises. They are being called upon to respond, to act, to step up in extraordinary ways, and steer the transition to a sustainable, equitable economy.

What they are experiencing is that sustainability transitions are hard. Messy. Complex. It’s one thing to understand climate science and raise ambitions with bold targets. It’s quite another to mobilize diverse groups with competing interests, in equitable and inclusive ways.

New ways of doing and thinking are needed to lead teams through the individual, collective and systems level challenges associated with transition.

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If conventional leadership models are no longer fit for purpose, what new models need to emerge?

Breakthrough Leadership for Transition

For leaders who are looking for new approaches and solutions in leadership development, Breakthrough Leadership for Transition fills the gap.

In a collaborative and inclusive process, our team works with you to discern the leadership challenges you are facing, and identify your most pressing challenges and questions. Together we grow your capacity and co-design a process to address them. It’s a facilitated and collaborative journey to help you navigate and create opportunity, innovation and impact in your specific complex and rapidly changing situation.

This is not another expert-driven training program. Your Breakthrough Leadership experience offers capacity building in action, learning by doing. The process is designed to generate essential insights and experiment with different leadership mindsets and practices.

What’s behind the approach?

Research supports the need and the impact of an experiential approach to Transition Leadership. Learn more about the design of Breakthrough Leadership for Transition, and its foundation in action learning, appreciative inquiry, and adaptive leadership theory.

What leadership questions are you exploring?

The Breakthrough Leadership for Transition process has helped leaders from across a range of sectors explore future pathways, address implications for strategy, and enhance their existing training efforts to further impact. They’re reported benefits like improved team cohesion and collective sense-making. The customised process means determining measurements that have specific value to your leadership challenge. Interested in bringing Breakthrough Leadership for Transition to your organization?

Breakthrough Leadership for Transition Advisory Council

Thanks to the business leaders who are advising on the development of the Breakthrough Leadership for Transition program:

Kate Chisholme, Capital Power

John Dillon, Business Council of Canada

Frances Edmonds, HP Canada

Justine Hendricks, Export Development Canada

Stephen Koch, Canadian Electricity Association

Robert Larocque, Canadian Fuels Association

Skye McConnell, Shell Canada 

Matt McCulloch, Exergy Solutions Inc.

Stephanie Rozak, Suncor Energy Foundation

Transition is inevitable. The capacity and skills to steer transition and leverage new opportunities is what will set leaders and leading organizations apart.

John Dillon

Senior VP, Policy & Corporate Counsel, Business Council of Canada

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ASI Masterclass in Transition Leadership

A unique post-secondary educational program that meets the needs of students and early career professionals seeking purposeful work. This program integrates graduate-student level curriculum on Transition Leadership in partnership with learning environments like colleges and universities.

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Transition Leadership Credential

The transition to a low-carbon and socially inclusive future requires new abilities and mindsets. This one-of-a kind accreditation program supports and measures the ability of academic and professional institutions to nurture these capacities within their students, ensuring that emerging leaders receive the critical learning experiences required to embrace future challenges.