Let’s Talk Leadership: Inclusive Sustainability Transitions

📅 September 7, 2023

⌚ 1:30 – 2:45 p.m. PT / 4:30 – 5:45 p.m. ET


Join us on September 7 for a discussion on the interconnectedness of climate change and social justice. Marginalized and vulnerable communities suffer the most from extreme weather, displacement, and health risks despite contributing the least. Learn about and share your own approaches to ensuring that our climate action work is equitable and inclusive. The speaker roundtable will be followed by small group discussions on approaches to fostering inclusive transition pathways!

ASI’s Members Network for Sustainability Professionals

Launching Late Summer!

Big things are coming in late Summer! ASI has been working behind the scenes on the launch of our new Members Network. This network is for individuals working on sustainability and climate action-related projects who are looking to develop their Transition Leadership skills.

Stay up-to-date on launch details by joining the waitlist below 👇

Demonstrate Leadership

Show your commitment to sustainability and empower your employees to become more effective Transition Leaders.

Talent Recruitment

Attract top talent and tap into specialized expertise by engaging with a community of sustainability professionals.

Brand Awareness

Promote your brand through logo recognition, social media exposure, and specialized marketing opportunities!

Questions About Sponsorship?

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Our Planet is Sick and So Are We

The Dual Crises of Climate Change & Public Health

As temperatures surge, ecosystems falter, and natural disasters become more frequent, it is increasingly evident that climate change isn’t merely an environmental crisis; our physical and mental health are also at stake.

Why might public health professionals and sustainability professionals work together to steward real change? Find out below!

The Role of Brave Leadership in Inspiring Climate Action

What we learned from our second Let’s Talk Leadership event is that anyone can inspire change in their sphere of influence, regardless of job title, industry, or sustainability experience! These unrecorded events promote honest discussions, and we’ve gathered key insights on how brave leaders can inspire others to forge a path toward a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future!

Is Continuing Education Ready to Upskill the Workforce to Take Climate Action?

Whether it’s adapting to new responsibilities within your current role or transitioning into entirely new positions, upskilling pathways can provide an avenue to get the Canadian workforce prepared to take meaningful climate action.