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Building Sustainability Literacy with BC Housing

BC Housing and the Academy for Sustainable Innovation have teamed up to develop an eLearning course for all BC Housing employees. This course, developed in close collaboration with BC Housing’s Sustainability & Resilience and Human Resources teams, represents a commitment to advancing sustainability and climate literacy across the organization.

The eLearning course will equip BC Housing staff with the foundational knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of sustainability, climate change, and building resilience. By fostering a deeper understanding of these issues, employees will be empowered to make informed decisions that prioritize environmental responsibility and social equity. Through this investment in education and training, BC Housing is not only strengthening its internal leadership capacity but also contributing to broader efforts towards building a more resilient and sustainable future for communities across British Columbia.

The Academy for Sustainable Innovation recognizes sustainability and climate literacy as an essential competency for leadership in transitioning to a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future. Literacy in these areas enables individuals to make decisions grounded in science, whether it’s choosing the best products and services, implementing sustainable practices, or crafting effective climate policies.

We have always been so impressed by the sustainability leadership shown by BC Housing, and we were excited to be able to support the creation of this eLearning course. By reaching across the entire organization and sharing latest climate science, trends and projections of climate-related impacts, and ways to take action, we strongly believe that BC Housing will be even better equipped to reach their sustainability goals and aspirations.

In this eLearning course for BC Housing, we covered:

  • A message from BC Housing’s leadership
  • Climate science introduction
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation – overviews and examples at BC Housing
  • Sustainability and resiliency – overviews and examples at BC Housing
  • Organizational contexts and goals
  • A knowledge check
  • How to engage further

We look forward to hearing how the roll-out goes over the coming few months, and wish BC Housing the absolute best with their many sustainability and resilience measures.

About BC Housing: BC Housing develops, manages and administers a range of subsidized housing options and programs across British Columbia. Check out BC Housing’s Sustainability & Resilience Strategy.

About the Academy for Sustainable Innovation: ASI is a registered charity that focuses on climate action leadership and stewarding behavioural change. Our Transition Leadership programs transform how individuals and organizations perceive and practice leadership in response to climate challenges.

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