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New Partnership Announcement: Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition

The Academy for Sustainable Innovation is excited to announce the launch of a new research partnership with the Resilience by Design Lab (RbD) and the Future Skills Centre, funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program.

Through the Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition initiative, we will create a roadmap for upskilling Canada’s workforce to support climate action.

This research partnership will explore the following: 

  • A prototype framework that brings skills, competencies and job specifications together to support climate action at a national level.
  • A roadmap for a collaborative pan-Canadian alliance of organizations focused on delivering competency-informed training programs and micro-credentials for climate action as part of Canada’s sustainable transition.

Through this project, the research team will develop a set of key recommendations that Canadian employers, governments and learning institutions can use to implement and accelerate the transition to a workforce positioned for climate action.

The Partnership

The Academy for Sustainable Innovation is a national Charity offering programs that cultivate leadership practices to steer the transition to a low-carbon, socially-inclusive economy.

The Resilience by Design Lab combines research, education, and facilitated dialogue to develop climate action leaders with the competencies and capabilities necessary for the transition to a climate-just and resilient future.

Future Skills Centre is a pan-Canadian initiative, connecting ideas and innovations generated across Canada so that employees and employers can succeed in the labour market, and to ensure that local, regional, and national economies thrive.

Together, we share a proven track record of developing and disseminating research, programs and resources to help Canadian employers and workers access the training and learning experiences they need to be climate ready and to undertake climate-responsive career pathways.

“We believe that climate leadership can and should be developed and demonstrated by as many Canadians as possible, no matter their role or title. Our hope is that this research project will help identify tangible approaches and opportunities to equip workers in all major sectors of the Canadian economy to positively influence change towards a low-carbon, socially-inclusive future.”
Tamara Connell

“A climate resilient future requires a climate ready workforce. We are excited to be launching this endeavour which, we believe, will take us one step closer to having a workforce that is prepared and empowered to take action on climate change and be more agile in the face of all the complex challenges and uncertainty we face.”
Dr. Robin Cox

Learn more about Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition.

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